Has Kanye West Lost His Mind, Or Do You Simply Need To Open Yours?

Stevie Wonder, Lavar Burton, Will I Am, actor Wendell Pierce, and Janelle Monae are among the multitude of celebrities and fans who have chimed in with their point of view, (mostly thinking that Yeezy is bat sh*t crazy), on the controversial statement that slavery was a “choice” made by Kanye on TMZ. My initial response was…

3 Songs You’ll Want To Add To Your Playlist Right Now

  Everybody can tell you about their favorite song on the radio past and present. However, only die-hard music entertainment fans will have an extensive playlist of music you’ve never heard on the radio. This music sometimes comes from names you know, but often comes from names you don’t know. Here is a list of…

The Facts About The Rumors Surrounding Usher

The court papers filed by Maya in LA Superior Court made claims that Usher became infected with Herpes between 2009 and 2010. Hmmm. If Maya and Usher had been hooking up since 2008, is it possible he could have contracted the virus from her?

9 R&B Artists Of The 90s With New Music You Need Today

If you’re tired of all of the nonsensical mumble rap music, tired of the “popping bottles”, “counting money”, “driving a [insert ridiculously expensive car here]” type of music, then I have some absolutely great news for you. REAL MUSIC IS BACK BABY!

New Edition’s Grand Re-Entrance

Since the series’ introduced the fellas to some (Like the various small children you can now find on You Tube and Instagram singing NE songs) and served to further strengthen the love of others, New Edition is now front and center in fans’ minds.