10 Memes From Pinterest That Totally Have Anxiety Down To A Science

Anxiety meme

Anxiety disorders can be hard to deal with and understand for both the person afflicted, as well as their loved ones. It's even harder when those around you just don't get it. There can be a huge gap between what people believe chronic anxiety is and what it truly is, but these 10 memes from …

Speak out (The Journey of a Single Mother)

The Anonymous Writer's Notebook

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And this is the first time I will talk about how difficult it is to be a single mother. I have always been proud of my kid and I don’t deny being a mother. This is the very first time, I will write something about her and our struggles in life together. And I am writing this so that I can at least inspire others with how strong I became as a person.

It takes a lot of courage to be a single mother. You have to be emotionally, spiritually and most especially financially stable for you to be able to raise a child.

When I got pregnant, the father of my child and I were not okay. I wasn’t even aware that I was pregnant since my monthly period is irregular. Until I reached the last month of my 1st trimester when I received a message from…

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Fitness as Spiritual Quest

The Used Life

Many of the most valuable life lessons I have learned, I’ve learned from fitness. Whether I’m just working out for fun or sticking to a more arduous training schedule, I love every aspect of the process of bettering myself through physical activity. But, it’s not just a sense of self-improvement, or accomplishment, that drives me. My pursuit of fitness also has a very heavily spiritual component. I’ve noticed that, in the years since I’ve begun adhering to a regular workout regimen (which started, strangely, as an experiment to see if I could nix my smoking habit by replacing smoking with exercise. It worked, and I now believe wholly in the merits of behavior replacement.), that I have evolved personally and spiritually in a number of important ways that are directly attributable to fitness. Of course, I could tell you that I’ve grown stronger, leaner, and have more energy—all of which would…

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Will You Die In 1 Year Or 40 Years?

By age 40, often times, people feel they have made so many mistakes in life, missed so many opportunities, burned so many bridges etc. that they allow themselves to feel either defeated or already completely fulfilled. As if life is already over or the rest of their life is already set in stone. It could very well be that you only have a year left....but it could also be that you have 40 more left.

30 Days Of Total Fitness Fueled By Pinterest

You'll Want To Bookmark This Page! Pinterest is full of many different exercises, routines, low carb diets, low-fat diets, low-calorie diets, smoothie recipes, and more. We usually just pin away looking to try one of these saved pins at a later date....which seldom, if ever, happens. I decided to finally take the time to round …

10 Frightening Anxiety Triggers And How To Face Them

People With Anxiety Aren't Anti-Social I find that, while I am not necessarily anti-social, I have become quite withdrawn from society. More often than not, I go out for necessities like work, food shopping, taking the kids to appointments, etc., but it's often hard to drag myself from the house for leisure activities. It's not …