About Me

I was born and raised in Chester, Pa. as 1 of 9 children, and currently live in Georgia. I am a mother of 4, an avid animal lover, and have an intense relationship with music. Music has a way of saying all of the things you want to say, while doing so in a way that touches your soul. The world I see before me often requires much reflection and leaves me with far too much to say for a social media post. Things I simply can not keep to myself or just push to the back of my mind. This blog is the place for me to let it all out. Love me, hate me, or be indifferent. This is simply the world through my eyes. In my mind, life has a soundtrack. For anything that I am feeling, any situation I am going through there is a song. Throughout this blog you’ll see life through my eyes and hear it through my ears. If my personal life had its very own theme song…..it would be Little Red Boat by Angel Grant. that song so perfectly describes where my life always seems to end up one way or another.

A sucker for adventure, I’m headed somewhere and somewhere is meant for me. Don’t need no map to guide me. Wherever I end up, is where I’ll be. Going somewhere, nowhere fast. As I drift further out see the past floats behind me. If I don’t reach land tonight, I’ll drown in my own insecurity.