Donald Trump’s Flip Flopping, Changing CDC Guidelines, and Epic IG Concerts: Your Brain On COVID 19 In A Nutshell

Everyone knows there’s nothing good about a global pandemic. It’s all bad. What makes matters worse is when you don’t know who to depend on for sound advice about how to get through it. President Donald Trump has flip flopped around about everything from if the virus was even real, all the way up to the proper response to the virus.

The CDC has repeatedly changed their recommendations on exactly what the public should be doing, meanwhile the American people are stuck between “To quarantines, or not to quarantine” because that, in fact, IS the question. While the pandemic itself is undoubtedly horrific, social distancing has had its upsides.

Our President’s Response To Covid-19

The first case of Covid-19 hit the US on Jan 20 to which Trump’s responded ” We have it totally under control. “

January 31st Trump thought it was enough to just implement travel restrictions to China. At the time the US had 7 confirmed cases. Almost a month later on February 28th Trump called Covid-19 “a hoax perpetrated by the democrats” although the number of confirmed cases were up to 59 and we had our first 2 deaths from Covid-19. While visiting the CDC March 6th with official confirmed cases having risen to around 240, Trump claimed the virus formerly known as the “hoax” came from nowhere. He also went on to say:

  1. He didn’t know that people die from the flu
  2. He rambled on about an uncle John which had nothing to do with his visit other than for him to associate having this family member with somehow making him more knowledgeable about “these things”.
  3. Bragged about still attracting tens of thousands of supporters to the campaigning rallies he’d still been having this entire time. When asked about concerns of having so many people together in one place during an emerging pandemic, he responded by saying he wasn’t concerned and neither were his supporters.

March 11th The Trump administration issued more travel bans, but still no real restrictions within the states. It wasn’t until March 16th that the White House finally issued social distancing guidelines followed by Trump walking back his previous nonchalance and finally admitting this was a pandemic and that Americans NOW needed to take it seriously.

The CDC’s Response To Covid-19

The guidelines issued by the CDC were almost just as dizzying as Trump’s response to the virus. Although they’ve said from the beginning that this thing was serious, wash your hands, and avoid touching your face they’ve changed their recommendations on how to social distance, and who should be wearing masks. First we were told that only healthcare providers needed to wear masks and the rest of us just needed to keep gatherings to 20 or less people. Only N-95 masks would do. Then we were told 10 or less people and only wear a mask when sick. N-95 masks and surgical masks would do. Next came stay in unless going out for essentials, and for everyone to wear a mask even if it was just a cut up t-shirt or bandanna. The US Surgeon General even made a video about how to make your own mask from just about any cloth you have at home!

How To Make A Mask At Home With Cloth And Rubber Bands

State Governor’s Responses To Covid-19

Some states chose to shut down for at least two weeks while others felt their numbers weren’t quite high enough to do so. Even in some of the states that shut down, their re-openings didn’t come about because of  a flattening of the curve. These re-openings were solely due to the concerns for financial loss to the state. Even still, the residents of these states have pretty much gone back to life as normal as if this pandemic is no longer a concern. A call to their local government buildings usually open for tours would alert them to the fact that this is not the case. Those buildings remain closed due to the pandemic but you can go sit and eat in your local restaurant.

So What SHOULD We Be Doing?

The big question is what should we really be doing right now? I’ve asked this question of several front-line workers and most repeated the same sentiments. Continue to social distance, only go out when necessary and take this serious because we’re not on the other side of it yet. Upon asking a particular healthcare professional what he is personally seeing happening in his hospital, I was told there has been a steady rise in new infections, the death rate has stayed consistent as opposed to dropping, there’s a rise in reinfections, and a rise in children being infected. His advice till further notice:

Nequain Flood On Facebook

And that is precisely the advice I will be following. I will continue to wear my mask and only go out for essentials.

The Benefits Of Social Distancing And Quarantining

Watching a global pandemic wreak havoc on the human population has been traumatic for many of us, so why wouldn’t we WANT to do whatever it takes to keep our most vulnerable safe? Social distancing and only going out for essentials, outside of keeping the uninfected safer, has had other added benefits.

The VS Series Brought To You By Timbaland and Swizz Beatz

  1. Timbaland VS Swizz Beats
  2. Neyo VS Johnta Austin
  3. Sean Garrett VS Dream (Disclaimer: Skip over Sean’s commentary and overall weirdness and just listen to the songs)
  4. T Pain VS Lil Jon
  5. Scott Storch VS Mannie Fresh
  6. Babyface VS Teddy Riley

The “Will From Home” snapchat series provided by Will Smith which included a Zoom concert with him and DJ Jazzy Jeff performing Brand New Funk.

All of this among a host of other live quarantine concerts from the likes of Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton, Brian Mcknight, H.E.R, Miguel, Big Daddy Kane and more. ALL OF THIS without even having to leave the house. No designated driver needed!

As if free VS battles and concerts that you can attend in your pajamas wasn’t enough, many of your favorite eat-in restaurants are delivering to your home! I even saw very reasonably priced wine available for delivery. I am a HUGE fan of these new “no contact” deliveries.

Multiple businesses are reinventing, much to our benefit. how they operate. I didn’t even have to get out of my car to have my cat seen at the vet. I pulled up, they came out and grabbed him from the back seat, then told me they’d call when he was ready. When I picked him up, again. didn’t have to get out of the car. It was awesome to me.

To top it all off, the Earth is actually better off while we take a break from destroying it.

People in Northern India say it’s been the first time in at least 10yrs (some say 30yrs) since the air pollution has been low enough to see the Himalayas. That goes hand in hand with the decreased smog reported in many cities across the globe.

Picture of the Himalayas from Northern India
Picture Of A Smog-less LA

The canals in Venice are clearer due to the decrease in boat activity. So clear you can actually see through them.

Venice Canals courtesy of ANDREA PATTAROAFP via Getty Images

Animals have begun to roam urban areas more freely and all of it is amazing to see.

Courtesy Of Christopher Furlong Getty Images
Tomohiro Ohsumi Getty Images

Hopefully we’ll get past this pandemic much sooner than later. Its been a crazy ride seeing how the president and the CDC will advise us day to day. However, I will say that I would actually not be mad if we kept some of the practices we’ve started in the name of quarantining and social distancing going long after the threat of the pandemic has passed. Otherwise, I’ll miss the zoom conference family calls, kicking my shoes off and leaning back in the bed with a glass of delivered wine to attend a live concert where I can actually chat with the artist, and seeing beautiful unpolluted pictures of our home planet. It’s a shame how much we take the Earth, good health, and our way of living for granted…unless we’re forced to take a hard look at it.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Flip Flopping, Changing CDC Guidelines, and Epic IG Concerts: Your Brain On COVID 19 In A Nutshell

  1. So insightful as usual. He definitely flip flops. It’s as if whomever he talks to last influences him to speak. I am also a fan of some the changes that have happened, zoom meetings, family time, Celebrity entertainment, etcThis could have been handled much better than it has been. However I’m grateful to be surviving.
    Nice read Kya!


    1. I’m grateful as well. I really hope some of these practices we’ve started continues after the pandemic is over.


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