Soul For Real, Troop, En Vogue, and Xscape. Find Out What You’ve Been Missing Out On.

Remember how amazing music was back in the late eighties and early nineties? 

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There have been numerous rants from those who grew up in and considered the music of the 80’s and 90’s as not only OUR music, but the best music of any era. We had groups like Force Md’s making us want Tender Love, and singing about our Tears. New Edition had us asking Can You Stand The Rain and telling Mr Telephone Man “There’s something wrong with my line”. Hi-Five had us playing The Kissing Game and Total has us singing “I don’t need no one else but you”. We grew up in an era where music could help you court the girl, date the girl, love the girl, and express your heartache after losing the girl.

So What’s Changed?

Nowadays you just don’t see good groups producing heartfelt music anymore. Today’s music seems to be a lot of solo artists all sounding the same as if following some corporate outline of criteria the music has to meet. Some are too gimmicky, some are singing about stuff we couldn’t care less about, and don’t even let me get started on the lack of true talent and over use of auto tune. It’s left us 80s/90s kids with little to look forward to in terms of new R&B music (With the exception of Beyonce’).

You Can’t Keep Complaining If You’re Not Supporting

Whether you know it or not, some of our faves from back in the day DO have new efforts on the books with more coming. As much as we have cried out “BRING BACK REAL MUSIC!” we aren’t supporting it enough, and some simply aren’t aware of it. I have a post HERE mentioning newer music from New Edition, TLC, and Stokley of Mint Condition. I have another post HERE of newer music from Joe, Bell Biv Devoe, and After 7. I’M DOING MY PART PEOPLE! I’m putting this information right at your fingertips, but I need you to do your part too and support these phenomenal efforts. If they don’t get the support they deserve, the support you would expect to go hand in hand with so many people lamenting about missing this type of music I’m afraid they may eventually fade away again. This time forever.

With That Said….

“Deepa Revisited” by Troop probably went right past you back in 2015. I promise you, it definitely shouldn’t have. My favorite two songs from the album are the tracks Disappear and Take My Heart. Look these gems up on You Tube and tell me you don’t gt that 80s/90s vibe that makes you want to have a small basement party with a few friends over. As if missing this isn’t enough, did you catch the 2017 remake by two of the groups members (namely Allen McNeil and Steven Russell Harts) of Michael Jackson’s Lady In My Life? If you didn’t, I’ve got you covered.

Luv it!! Continue with more because them

young bucks have no clue what true music is!! I

felt those words!! Good Lord!! And I smiled the

whole time watching it … Y’all married? Lol be


You Tuber Kisha Gonsoulin

Did you miss Soul For Real’s 2017 single Love Again? That’s right! “Candy Rain”, “Every Little Thing I Do”, “If You Want It” Soul For Real. If you did. know that not only are the working on new music right now as you read, but I got you so you can go ahead and start loving Love Again while you wait.

Wow! felt this in my bones! Got the

notification and I wondered if YouTube was playing

a prank on me! You guys are the best! Only OG’s

can do this!

You Tuber Ben Ishibor-Ebasina

In case you missed it, En Vogue released an album titled Electric Cafe in 2018 with the singles Reach 4 Me and Rocket. Can I just tell you for a minute how obsessed I became with Rocket? The video visuals, the way you can hear all of the heart and soul they put into that song, just everything. I’ll also admit that I’m partial to women who can be out of the mainstream public’s eye for years just to come back and look like they haven’t aged a day. Let me know if you love it half as much as me.

I heard this on the radio today and didn’t know

who it was. I said to myself ” Finally some young

new group who knows REAL music.” Got home to

google it and it figures…THE GREAT AND MIGHTY

En Vogue!!!!!!!!!!! I should have known it wasn’t

one of these new groups

You Tuber Brass Knucks

2018 also brought new music from Xscape with the release of their song Memory Lane. Kandi recently toured with the ladies, but sadly isn’t here for making new music. However, still sounds like Escape to me! You be the judge.

Wow never thought I’d hear good R&B again.

You Tuber Jonaee Wiggins

And if that’s not enough, Tiny just dropped a new single named I F*cking Love You that’s also hot.

THE R&B WE ALL BEEN MISSING!!!!! I’m like do they not hear us saying we miss REAL R&B??…. THANK YOU TAMEKA TINY HARRIS!!! WE CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON YOU BOO!

You Tuber Xavier Hurd

Now you’re up to speed on what some of our faves from back in the day have been up to. Remember they DO have new efforts on the books with more coming. We’ve cried and cried about bringing back real music. They definitely hear us, and are working hard at trying. However they won’t be successful at obliging us if we aren’t supporting these efforts enough or continue to be unaware of them. Remember to check out both the post HERE and HERE to see what else you may have missed out on. Please do your part to support this re-birthing of what we 80s/90s kids call real music. Remember, without the support they deserve we could lose it forever.

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