My Favorite Vapes Under $30 of 2019

Everyone knows there are 20 plus chemicals and carcinogens found in cigarettes and studies show there are SIGNIFICANTLY less than what is found in vapor. Furthermore, the smell of cigarette smoke to non-smokers is pretty nasty and nauseating whereas vapor often has a pleasant fruity smell. Because of these reasons, among others, more and more people are opting to vape instead.

Why This Review?

Having tried a plethora of vapes so far this year, there are some I would definitely recommend, and some I would definitely advise against. This, of course, isn’t an extensive list of vapes on the market, but it is the few I have personally tried, and therefore can speak on from experience. I’m not affiliated with any of these brands in anyway, and am therefore offering my honest opinion as a consumer.

Kanger EVOD-VV Battery Mod 

In the past, this had been my go-to vape. It’s very easy to use and it’s nice and cheap. The initial set up (Battery, tank, and coils) costs around $18 – $20. The replacement coils are also cheap. I believe you can get a pack of 5 coils for about $10 and I only go through a coil or two per month. You get full flavored pulls and the hit ( the strength at which you feel the vapor) is great. The only problem I had with them was the fact that you can overcharge the battery if you leave it charging all night. I’ve also heard that charging it in the car too often can also cause the battery to burn out. One I had for at least a year before the battery burned out, each subsequent one has lasted as little as a week to as long as a couple months. At best, its kind of a gamble.

Njoy Ace

I love the small compact style of this one and it comes with pods instead of a tank. You can grab one for about $8. It doesn’t hit as hard as the Kanger, but its still a nice hit. I’ve never experienced overcharging with this one however, there is definitely a drawback. You can only purchase pre-filled pods for use with it, and you only get 2 pods for $11. I was using about a pod a day. There are You Tube videos that show how to make the pods refillable, but it didn’t work for me. Also the flavor of the pods just isn’t there. all. While I like it, its going on the shelf until the people at Njoy come out with refillable pods where I can use my own deliciously flavored juices that last me about a month instead of buying those flavorless pods every two days.

SMOK MICO Kit | AIO Pod System

You can grab the Smok Mico for around $20. This is another pod system. I loved everything about it. The super compact size, the fact that it comes with a chain to wear it on you, the refillable pods, how much flavor you taste with each pull, the battery life, everything! That is until I realized that its side filling pods leak. The juice leaks down into it’s mechanisms and eventually renders the thing useless. Mine lasted a week. I’ve heard they last longer if you clean down inside where the pod sits every time you take it out to refill. I may try this one again because it definitely gives the best flavor of all the others. Hopefully it will last longer than a week next time. I’ll update once l do.

Vaporesso Renova ZERO Pod System | AIO Starter Kit

This is the system I am currently using. It has all of the benefits of the Smok Mico, except the flavor isn’t as strong. However, you still get more flavor than you do from the pre-filled Njoy pods. Wjile it does leak a little, the leakage isn’t half as bad as with the Mico. You can get started with the Renova Zero for around $20 – $30.

And There You Have It

Having personally tried the systems listed here, I have my own experience and opinion of them. Again this isn’t an extensive list of vapes on the market, but since I’ve tried these ones, I wanted to share an honest unbiased opinion on them. Before you commit you can check out You Tube video reviews on any of these vapes. Once you’ve made up your mind to try one of these, you can purchase and try any of these systems online.

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