Use This Playlist Of 10 Songs To Let Him Know He’s F*cking Up And Is At Risk Of Losing You

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Sometimes when we tell our partner through our words and actions that we are unhappy, something gets lost in translation. Maybe it’s taken for granted, or outright ignored. Maybe it’s your presentation or they just aren’t great listeners. Possibly he doesn’t readily pick up on non-verbal clues. Before you throw your hands in the air and give up, try telling him through a playlist. It may sound cheesy, but it could work. I remember playing this list (and then some) one day while cleaning the house, and my ex literally came up to me and asked: “Are you trying to tell me something?”

I’d actually tried telling him through both my words and actions for quite some time that I simply was very unhappy. He brought out the absolute worst of my anxieties. My prior words and non-verbal clues had fallen on deaf ears and went unacknowledged, yet somehow, this playlist is what eventually got his attention. For almost anything we want to say, any thoughts or emotions we have or want to convey there is a song for it. These are ten songs from my playlist for when I’m on my way out the door.

#1) Heather Headley: I Wish I Wasn’t

#2) Vivian Green: Emotional Rollercoaster

#3) Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, and Kelly Price: Heartbreak Hotel

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#4) Ashanti: Rain On Me

#5) Whitney Houston: Why Does It Hurt So Bad

#6 Lisa Fischer: How Can I Ease The Pain

#7 Toni Braxton: Let It Flow

#8 Brownstone: 5 Miles To Empty

#9 Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Featuring Full Force: All Cried Out

#10 Phyllis Hyman: Living In Confusion

So before you throw up your hands in frustration because your boyfriend/hubby just isn’t getting it, try this playlist. Are there any songs you can think of to add to this list? Do you have various playlists for when you’re in various moods?

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