Wants to exchange kids for husband

16 Very Disturbing Posts From The Whisper App That Make You Even More Disgusted With Humanity

In case you’ve been living under a rock and are unfamiliar with Whisper, it’s a social media app that launched in 2012 where people can make anonymous text posts on image backgrounds. Whisper also has a website where they compile the top-rated whispers on various topics. The appeal of Whisper is, of course, the anonymity aspect so you can pretty much say what you want without fear of being judged by people you actually know. There’s plenty of judgment, but from anonymous people who don’t know you, and who you’ll never have to actually face. It can be a great release, and it can also be fun to read some of the more goofy posts however, there are some posts that I find very disturbing and cringe-worthy. These 16 stood out more for me than most.

#1 Sibling rivalry is one thing, but this is so far above and beyond

I hate my brother

#2 She could possibly be playing a very dangerous game

Wife cheating on PSTD hubby

#3 The fact that you blame your failed marriage on the kids shows it wasn’t them. You’re a horrible person, that’s why he left.

Wants to exchange kids for husband

#4 Any single mom could show this person how to never go hungry. This person needs a friend like me.

Can't afford groceries

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Trump’s Muslim Ban And ACA Repeal

Use These Tips To Help Find Your Balance When Being A Single Mother Becomes Overwhelming

#5 Is this even legal? Being gay is not a disease!

Can't donate blood

#6 Wish someone standing nearby would have bopped those kids and taught them some respect.

Lost leg in Afghanistan

#7 This is beyond selfish. Why tell him now? Just to relieve yourself of the guilt YOU caused yourself? This would benefit HIM in no way and only serve to hurt him even deeper while confusing him on how he should feel about his brother’s death. This is just messy.

Cheating with dead brother in law

#8 This defies logic. There’s simply no intelligent explanation of why this is ok.

Vegas shooter has rights

Mommy organizer banner

#9 You would be mortified by how many people responded to this stating that they felt the same way. No wonder so many of these kids are turning out the way they are.

Doesn't care about child

#10 Far too many people are living with this reality.

Strict Budget

#11 If cheating is the best thing you can do for your relationship, you may need a new relationship.

Cheating girlfriend

#12 Just let this marinate for a minute.

Guns out of control

Relationship Journal Download

#13 If this is true, why not leave the wife so she can find someone who will spoil her, and just marry your beloved side chick?

Better treatment for the side chick

#14 The reason some people have every right to be “jealous” and “paranoid”.

Significant other and brother

#15 She’ll regret it when she’s older, she doesn’t understand the full weight of it right now. Cops should be very interested in him because it’s called PEDOPHILIA!

Pedophile post

#16 So this man hasn’t even been shipped back home, had a funeral, and been placed in the ground yet and these two are already in bed with each other? 

Slept with dead brothers wife

I know if you’ve never before used Whisper, this is a wild introduction to it but, it’s not all this crazy. There’s plenty of fun, deep, and group-specific posts as well. While the major draw of Whisper is the anonymity, that same anonymity does have a tendency to make people feel completely comfortable confessing the most disturbing things. Maybe none of this really moved you much, but as you can tell, I was pretty awestruck by them; not in a good way. Even if it IS anonymous….some things you should just keep to yourself.

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