5 Cheap And Easy DIY Activities To Do With The Kids This Weekend That Will Add To Your Home Decor

Home Organization


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#1 Create Your Own Rugs


All you need is some old T-shirts (or cheap new ones) and some rug canvas mesh. You can purchase the canvas mesh HERE at Amazon.

#2 Create Your Own Wall Art

You’ll need a hexagonal craft hole punch, a canvas of dimensions you choose, and some Modge Podge.


#3 Create Your Own Scenic Candle Holders


The one pictured here is a snow scene. However, you can create any scene you choose inside the glass such as a Summer or Fall scene

You’ll need a hot glue gun, some cardboard, wine glasses, pillar candles, and whatever else you would like to use to decorate your glasses.

#4 Create Your Own Paper Topiary

You’ll need either a dollar store book or some construction paper, a styrofoam ball, low temp glue sticks, some epoxy glue, and your wine glasses again. Here you can see a full tutorial.

#5 Make Beautiful Baskets

You’ll need a dollar store basket, a half yard of fabric per basket and some burlap rope. Here you can see a full tutorial.

Each of these ideas can provide you with some fun quality time with the kids while jazzing up your living space at the same time. None of them should cost you over $20, or take you over a few hours. Turn loving and entertaining your children into time spent creating things to make you all love the house.

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