Yes, My mom is a Single Mother!!!

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I know I have wrote once about my mother, which you can readΒ Here. But today I am writing something that my mother along with all the single mothers face if they are from India.

No offense, I am a proud Indian. But there was once an age old tradition in which the wife on the death of the husband had to jump and kill herself in the pyre. You can find this even in Mahabharata.

Fondly named as Sati, this was followed for centuries until Lord William Bentinck pressurized by the movement conducted by Raja Ram Mohan Roy put an end to this illogical practice.

I don’t want this to be a history post. But since we are on the topic, I am forced to mention it. Even though the practice has been abolished, the remnants can still be seen in our society.

A widower is encouraged to…

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