Fitness as Spiritual Quest

The Used Life

Many of the most valuable life lessons I have learned, I’ve learned from fitness. Whether I’m just working out for fun or sticking to a more arduous training schedule, I love every aspect of the process of bettering myself through physical activity. But, it’s not just a sense of self-improvement, or accomplishment, that drives me. My pursuit of fitness also has a very heavily spiritual component. I’ve noticed that, in the years since I’ve begun adhering to a regular workout regimen (which started, strangely, as an experiment to see if I could nix my smoking habit by replacing smoking with exercise. It worked, and I now believe wholly in the merits of behavior replacement.), that I have evolved personally and spiritually in a number of important ways that are directly attributable to fitness. Of course, I could tell you that I’ve grown stronger, leaner, and have more energy—all of which would…

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