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Stokley Williams, Joe Thomas, After 7, Bell Biv Devoe, Which New Songs Are You Loving?

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If You didn’t already know, these artists and more have released new music, and you can read all about it HERE. Right now, my purpose is to show you what you’re missing out on if you don’t already have FULL albums.

The first single from Stokley’s new album “Introducing Stokley” is Level. I hear it play on the radio at some point every day, and I never get tired of it. I’m not sure what the next single will be, but I have some very clear favorites on the album. The first one is “Wheels Up”. This song has a Caribbean feel and evokes a lighthearted mood.

This next song is “Victoria”. The drums at the beginning of this song give me an African vibe, but then it takes us back to a Caribbean sound again. Not all of the songs have the Caribbean feel, it’s just that the two I like the most outside of Level both happen to have it. The way he sings this song, it makes me envision a much older man. My favorite parts of the song are when he’s crying while he’s singing in the most hilarious way. Just listen at the end of the song to the dialog between him and the woman. I swear it cracks me up each and every time.

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The single “Lean Into It” from Joe’s new album “My Name Is Joe Thomas” is also in heavy radio rotation. The video for “So I Can Have You Back” has very deservedly received over 4 million views on YouTube. However, my purpose is to show you why you need the WHOLE album.  My first favorite not already on the radio or YouTube is “Love Centric”. It has an old school vibe, and the music plays so softly in the background on the first verse, that it showcases his vocals amazingly.

The next song I fell in love with is “Hurricane”. It made me envision taking a long drive with mountainsides to the left of me, and the ocean to the right of me. It’s also pertinent to mention that I’m almost always partial to songs containing orchestral sounds.

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The single “Runnin Out Of Love” from After 7’s new album “Timeless” is so seriously exactly that…..Timeless. Just listening to it takes me back to middle school when I first heard “Ready Or Not”. Not a thing has changed with those vocals or their style and I love it. I can only assume so too does the masses, as the song gets plenty of radio airplay along with the single “Let Me Know”. The first song I want to bring to you from the album is “Too Late”. Listening to this song made me just want to lay back and kick my feet up with a glass of sweet red wine, just mellow out, and daydream.

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The next song I want you to take a listen to is “If I”. It’s your classic “I was a fool, and now I regret it and wish I could have you back.” songs. This song makes me want to hold someone close and slow dance. These kids these days will never know the pleasure of slow dancing. I actually feel sorry for them. It’s a lost art that I suppose will die with my generation. Pity. But as long as we’re still here, this is definitely one you should grab someone and slow dance to.

Run” from Bell Biv Devoe’s new album “Three Stripes” began playing heavily on the radio immediately after the end of the biopic. The video for “I’m Betta” will soon reach 1 million YouTube views. The first song I would like to introduce to you that you may not have already heard if you don’t have the album is “Hot Damn”. This song is a party/club song for sure. It makes me want to dance or ride down the street blasting it at top volume. You can’t possibly get the full effect of this song unless it’s turned all the way up!

The next song I want you to listen to is “All Dat There”. This is one of those sexy baby making songs. What more can I say?

If You didn’t already know, now you do. Read HERE to find out who else has new albums, and albums coming soon. If you can’t see what you’re missing out on if you don’t already have these FULL albums, .there’s no hope for you. If you love this music like I do, what are you waiting for? If you DO have these albums, which songs are your favorites?

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