How To Get Your Legal Tiny House On The Tiniest Budget Possible.

You may have watched HGTV and seen some of the tiny houses featured, you may have seen cute lil tiny houses posted on Pinterest, or maybe you came across the luxury tiny houses on You Tube. Whatever it was that grabbed your attention about the tiny house movement, you may have gotten excited about the idea of turning to minimalism, and owning your very own tiny house. However, while $50,000, $30,000, and even $20,000 to build a tiny dream house all your own may be doable for some, it may not be the case for you. It may be taking everything you have just to keep your bills paid and food on the table every month! If you’re willing to accept the fact that you may have to tweak your vision just a little, build your little dream component by component over time while your neighbors look on stuck between disbelief and amazement, knowing it will take some creativity and a good bit of elbow grease on your part then you can definitely have your tiny house dream.

This plot of land……..


as you can see, is located in Kansas City, MO. and is priced at $950. If you were to speak with the real estate professional and find out that this plot is suitable for the placement of a prefab modular home (including no restrictions due to zoning laws, community by-laws, etc.) you could purchase this plot, including a nearly 5% state tax on the sale and another 5% for closing costs, for just over $1,000 ($1,045). Now, if you were to purchase this, or a similar, modular office trailer………


you’ll pay $1,693 plus the nearly 5% sales tax in MO brings your total purchase to roughly $1777.65 give or take. This particular company also offers delivery of the home to your new site for $8/mile within a 100 mile radius. Using this scenario in which I have created, total charge for delivery would be around $100. This brings our running total for the plot, the trailer, and delivery to $2,922.65. Not too bad so far. Now we are going to need a slab on that pretty little plot upon which to sit this trailer. A basic 4″ slab to sit under this 720 square foot building is estimated to cost you anywhere between $3,450 and $4,200. That’s your biggest expense so far, but it HAS to be done. This brings your running total to $5,378. For many individuals working full-time jobs year round with a dependent child your income tax return should yield at least this much (Even more with multiple dependent children.) That’s enough to cover this very basic set up. This includes no electricity or water hook-up.Remember earlier when I said  it will take some creativity and a good bit of elbow grease on your part? Well here comes that part now. Instead of going with pricey plumbing put in by a contractor and tied into the city utilities, you can choose to live off grid with some very simple plumbing done by you. Now imagine if we took the trailer above, and created this floor plan inside of it.

tiny-plan-2_li-2  All you need to do, is make a run to home depot for your necessary pvc piping and connectors to run drainage pipes from your kitchen sink, through your kitchen cabinets, through the bathroom wall where pipes from the sink and tub will intersect with it, then run the pipe out of the bathroom wall. You can use the resulting gray water to keep your back yard and garden watered.  It could easily be run like this


You can also build your own composting toilet. There are multiple videos on You Tube showing not only how to build one, but how to use it. If you have never looked into this option before, I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Here is one I really liked, but look through several videos to get a good idea of the many possibilities to get a look and feel all your own.


For the cheapest possible off grid set-up check out “How To Weather The Storm” which is a section of the article “Getting Out From Under Utility Shut Off Notices” Keep in mind that there are many different alternatives out there for any of these products listed, and many different creative ways to be more effective and deliberate in your alternative living. Look around, familiarize yourself with what’s out there, then make the best decisions for you.

That takes care of your necessities, and leaves you completely tapped out financially. How are you going to furnish, paint, and decorate your new rent/mortgage and utility bill free home? Two of your greatest allies are Craigslist and Offer Up. Both sites offer dirt cheap or totally free used gems. You just have to be patient and diligent. For instance, since we have such a small living room, we should only be looking for a small sofa or loveseat, a tv stand, and maybe a coffee table.


The sofa/chair set and coffee table are both free, and the tv stand is $30 all on Craigslist.

On to the kitchen. Keeping in mind that we are thinking creatively and a bit out of the box, you may not find anything in our price range looking for “Kitchen cabinets” because I didn’t. I found something suitable looking under “Buffet”.

Craigslist for the buffet set, Wal-Mart for the sink and toaster oven, and Amazon for the stove top makes your completed kitchen will cost you approximately $290 give or take.


Let’s fit out the bathroom

Wal-Mart for the shower, Offer Up for the tub, and Craigslist for the vanity with our total for the bathroom being $180.

The bedrooms are easiest, so I won’t even bother walking you through furnishing those. there’s countless possibilities, ways, and means to make this dream a reality for you. You just have to be dedicated to finding a way that works with your current budget, then build on it over time. With all you’ve seen thus far, if you just use a little creative thinking, put in a little work to do some sanding and painting/staining, in no time at all your beast will become a beauty getting you one step closer to your dreams.



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