New Edition’s Grand Re-Entrance

The New Edition Story aired on BET (simulcast on Centric) was much more of an explosive hit than I could have ever hoped for as a devoted NE fan for life, and probably more than BET and New Edition themselves even expected. The three-part series brought in an estimated 4.4 million viewers according to Billboard. Many of us have followed the careers of Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike (if I love the girl who cares who you like), Ralph and Johnny straight through Candy Girl over the hill of Bobby leaving for his solo career, around the curve of the group becoming a foursome, under the bridge of Johnny joining the group, into the temporary fracturing of the group to become three separate acts (Ralph Tresvant, Bell Biv Devoe, and Johnny Gill) right on around the bend to the Home Again album and beyond. Their timeless family friendly music has never left our hearts or our playlists. We all heard about the fellas early contract troubles and the various disturbances within the group, however we never knew the full extent of things. Well HONNNNEY! The series most certainly filled in many gaps for us and did not disappoint. We were GLUED to our sets posting and tweeting with every new revelation and fell in love with uncle Brooke. BET did good by us, by airing the story and giving us 3 nights, although most of my peers agree we would have watched for a solid week to get even more. The “Littles” and the “Bigs” that were cast to play the fellas were all amazing! There is a transformation scene in the movie which moves us forward from the Littles to the Bigs which was so epic,  I am willing to say that it was easily the  absolute best transition between the ages that I have ever seen. There were mixed emotions because we had to say goodbye to the Littles, which made most of us sad. I will never again be able to hear “Is This The End” without thinking about saying goodbye to those little guys as they transformed into the big guys.



The Bigs almost made me feel I was actually watching NE on the screen. No they weren’t the fellas doppelgänger or anything like that but not only were they close enough, knowing that they were actually singing these iconic songs and making them sound so good….WHEW! Many of us have already watched the series several times……





On top of the movie being so awesome that it will become something we all watch at least once a year like A Christmas Story or It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and us die-hard fans still loving Johnny Gill’s “This One’s For Me And You” featuring New Edition which dropped in 2016, BBD stoked the fire by dropping their new CD the very next day. Many of us already had Three Stripes on preorder thanks to hearing and loving the single Run, coupled with our desire to “Bring back GOOD music”. For those who hadn’t already preordered the record like I did, the NE movie series rekindled a ferocious passion causing everyone to reach out and grasp for anything New Edition and ESPECIALLY new music. Once again, we were not disappointed. I can listen to Bell Biv Devoe’s “Three Stripes”  record from the Dougie Fresh intro clear through to the last track Incredible. Us NE4lifer fans DEMANDED a tour and a new NE record. Well we got what we asked for because Johnny announced that there is definitely a new Edition record coming AND a NE tour.

How amazing is it that just as the movie series have us all once again going crazy over New Edition that they should also get their long overdue well deserved star on Hollywoods Walk of Fame?


Since the series’ introduced the fellas to some (Like the various small children you can now find on You Tube and Instagram singing NE songs) and served to further strengthen the love of others, New Edition is now front and center in fans’ minds. BBD has been tweeting and going live on Facebook daily. Also Bobby and Johnny have both been tweeting and using Instagram much more often. My only question is why aren’t we seeing more social media interaction  from Ralph?  We genuinely love these fellas, and don’t want to see them placed on a back burner ever again. The social media component is very important as it keeps your fans engaged with you thereby giving them a vested interest in your success. It’s also the most useful promotional tool in this day and age. At any rate, as a life long NE fan (and I mean that literally since I was about 6yrs old when I first heard and fell in love with them) I’m super hype about all the new buzz, can’t wait for the new NE record to drop, will be first in line for the new tour tickets, and pray this momentum never dies. NE4Life!

If you haven’t already checked out The vid for This One’s For Me And You, let me bless you with it now.


Also check out BBD’s latest vid for I’m Betta off of the new Three Stripes CD


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