Trump’s Muslim Ban And ACA Repeal

What Made You Vote For Him?

Donald Trump ran a typical political campaign and won the presidential election with two of his top 10 promises being to repeal Obamacare (Also known as the ACA or Affordable Care Act) and ban Muslims from entering the country. We all heard these promises repeatedly, along with many others such as building a border wall. We saw some of his unfavorable responses to debate questions and statements made to various journalists. Many of us understood that there was absolutely no way we should ever let this man become president. However there were those who, despite his campaign promises and how they would adversely affect voters, STILL voted this man into the White House.

Isn’t he simply doing what he said he would?

Now that the man has taken office and is keeping to his campaign promises, people are shocked and appalled. How can you be angry at someone for doing exactly what they said they were going to do? Someone you gave the power to do it. Are people really that oblivious? Were people simply voting for him because of their racist hatred toward former President Obama of which Hilary was collateral damage? Was it because they felt a woman wouldn’t be effective as a president? Was it because they just hated Hilary more because of her heinous acts or the belief that her presidency would mirror Obama’s? If none of these things are true, then the only other viable explanation is they were, to put it bluntly, ignorant, uninformed, and blind to the facts. Let’s refresh our memories briefly.

Regretting your decision now?

With that said, it definitely explains why so many are realizing just how detrimental their racial, religious, and gender biases have been to their own well being. I personally feel that anyone who voted for Donald Trump despite his running platform deserves every single bit of regret that they are experiencing. You VOTED to have yourself and loved ones banned from the country. You VOTED to have your health coverage taken away. Now those of us who were informed and unbiased enough to know that Hilary was definitely the lesser of two evils have to feel the same pain that you do. But, at least we do so knowing WE tried to prevent it while you helped usher it in. So now, all we can do is sit back and watch as you grapple with the consequences of your actions. Apparently, you now know what we knew all along. So for those affected by the Muslim ban…..

Muslim Trump Refretters

Hey, at least he’s getting rid of Obamacare right?

Because of your hatred of the former president mainly due to the color of his skin and your ill-informed belief that he was a Muslim, many of you thought that cheering for the removal of Obamacare meant only people of color and those with low incomes would be affected. You couldn’t care less about those who would lose life-saving coverage as long as YOU weren’t affected. I would have loved to have seen your faces when you finally realized that the only reason you had health coverage was because of Obamacare. What’s that you say? You don’t have Obamacare? Is that because in your ignorance you had no clue that “Obamacare” was simply a cute little nickname for the Affordable Care Act? Well…..

Healthcare Trump Regretters

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Well, well well. Feeling foolish yet?

You simply can’t make this stuff up. It’s golden. For those of us that knew better, at least we get to sit back and watch Ms. Karma work her magic. Why would I or anyone else who did not vote for this disaster get out and protest a thing? We protested, campaigned, debated with friends, tried to inspire non-voters, etc when it still actually mattered. When it could have actually been stopped before it started. When we could have actually blocked this man from the presidency. Now, these people want to protest the man when he is doing exactly what he said he would do all throughout his campaign? YOU VOTED FOR THIS! Now it’s time for us who had better common sense to just sit back and watch the fireworks while hoping if we are all going to get scorched anyway…..please let those who voted for him get burnt to a crisp.

For my fellow Americans who have to suffer through these next 4 yrs because of the mistakes of the ignorant, racist, sexist, homophobic and non-voters who all helped to make this our reality….this is for you.

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